Madonna - Live Nation/Interscope
Riding the wave of his chart-topping success with All of Me, Toby spent 5 weeks in the studio with Madonna in summer of 2014 working on songs for her 13th studio album. Alongside Diplo, Mozella, Symbolic 1 and others, Toby wrote over 13 songs with Madonna and her team. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Madonna recalled "[...] and some people I connected to immediately like ["Wrecking Ball" co-writer] Mozella, for instance, or ["If I Were a Boy" co-writer] Toby Gad. They're very open-hearted people, extremely musical, not inhibited in any way, shape, or form. So they were fun." Toby wrote on "Bitch I'm Madonna", "Hold Tight", "Illuminati", "Living for Love", "S.E.X", "Unapologetic Bitch", "Vendi Vidi Vici", "Best Night", "Joan of Arc", "Iconic" and "Graffiti Heart", producing on the latter four songs.

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