Milli Vanilli - All Or Nothing

In the Summer of 1988 the single "Girl You Know It's True" was a big hit in Germany. That's when producer Frank Farian chose to record three songs penned by Toby and his brother Jens for the debut album of MILLI VANILLI. One week after the recordings were finished, the album entered the charts at #1 and turned into a huge international success. Just like everyone else, Toby learned about the lip-synch scam as the group returned the Grammy. Despite the fact that the name of this group has become synonymous for "lip synching", the music on this record was still widely appreciated. Toby's three songs appear on the European platinum hit album, on the US remix album and on the B-side of the worldwide #1 hit single “Girl I’m Gonna Miss You”.  The clip shows a backstage video of MILLI VANILLI performing Toby's three songs on their US stadium tour.

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