Sean Kingston - Single Release, Album Re-Release

Sean Kingston released a single with a duet version of Toby and Fergie's hit song "Big Girls Don't Cry," which in it's original version held the #1 position in various American Billboard charts for a total of 21 weeks (1 week Hot100) and broke the record twice for "most weekly radio spins on American radio ever" tracked by sound scan (over 10.000 spins in one week) with a total of over 400.000 spins in America so far. "Big Girls Don't Cry" made it onto over 77 compilation albums such as NOW 26 and Sean Kingston re-released his own album with "Personal" ( which is the "Big Girls" duet version ) as a bonus track. Find out how the song was written at "Publications/articles by Toby", Recording Magazine 9/07.

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